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Kalpana Roy

1014 days ago
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Stephen H Team #29: Aliens vs. Predators vs. Brown vs Board of Education
  • Our goal:  Personalize the Zillow experience and provide apt advice at logical points of the workflow.
Chris M
  • Our team members:
Stephen H
  • Adam Levine -The Canadian
  • Joe Levy - Guy who  faked breaking his leg skiing then broke his leg skiing
  • Mason Meier AKA Charmason
  • Stephen Han -  The guy who wrote this
Team #007: SpaceLab - FOREVER
Team Zillow SF/HotPads 
  • Sally Huang: supporting with ideas, pitching 
Daniel F Team #14: Wrinklr
Kalpana R
  • Our  goal: To win the hackathon! 
  • Our project: 'Findr' (with an 8). A platform to provide a unique and powerful experience for low income population to find affordable housing.
Daniel F
  • Our team members:
Kalpana R
  • Deepak Srinivasan
  • Kalpana Roy 
  • Tara Parkins
Phil L
  • Phil Napieralski
Kalpana R
  • Xiaodi Huang
Daniel F Team #10: The House Devs - REFINE
  • Our goal: Create an intelligent decision making system to learn from homebuyers' wants and needs; and to provide critical insight for those inexperienced with the home-buying process.
  • Our team members:
  • Daniel Fang
  • Deepak Nettem
  • James Lee
  • Jay Feng
  • Justin Harjanto
 Team #13:  Apolis Team
Joseph T Team #24: 203k Solutions
  • Our goal: Paperless Home Loans brings rehab loans to the masses by digitizing the 203k loan process. This will save morgage brokers and first-time homebuyers time and money as they navigate the difficult application process.
  • Team members:

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