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Sally Huang

1014 days ago
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Stephen H Team #29: Aliens vs. Predators vs. Brown vs Board of Education
  • Our goal:  Personalize the Zillow experience and provide apt advice at logical points of the workflow.
Chris M
  • Our team members:
Stephen H
  • Adam Levine -The Canadian
  • Joe Levy - Guy who  faked breaking his leg skiing then broke his leg skiing
  • Mason Meier AKA Charmason
  • Stephen Han -  The guy who wrote this
Team #007: SpaceLab - FOREVER
Team Zillow SF/HotPads 
  • Our goal: create Senior Score API to help seniors find their perfect homes on Zillow family of brands and senior-housing-focused portals
Saba K Team 12 D5 
Toby L
  • Toby Liu, Frank Xu, Ellen Dong, Wanli Cheng, Nevan
  • Mapping the locations of Federal Assisted Housings and the summary of the blocks of the buildings are in. This is to support HUD to determine the area in the most need for funding to support households in need.
Team #31 Roominnate 
  • Sally Huang - ...
Daniel F Team #14: Wrinklr
Kalpana R
  • Our  goal: To win the hackathon! 
  • Our project: 'Findr' (with an 8). A platform to provide a unique and powerful experience for low income population to find affordable housing.
Daniel F
  • Our team members:
Kalpana R
  • Deepak Srinivasan
  • Kalpana Roy 
  • Tara Parkins
Phil L
  • Phil Napieralski
Kalpana R
  • Xiaodi Huang
Daniel F Team #10: The House Devs - REFINE
  • Our goal: Create an intelligent decision making system to learn from homebuyers' wants and needs; and to provide critical insight for those inexperienced with the home-buying process.
  • Our team members:
  • Daniel Fang
  • Deepak Nettem
  • James Lee
  • Jay Feng
  • Justin Harjanto
 Team #13:  Apolis Team
Jack C Team #20ReInvest
  • Our goal: encourage investment in empty land in underdeveloped neighborhoods by providing a research platform for real estate construction projects.
  • Team members:
  • Jack Chua
  • Connie Fan
  • Xiaokun Xu
Joseph T Team #24: 203k Solutions
  • Our goal: Paperless Home Loans brings rehab loans to the masses by digitizing the 203k loan process. This will save morgage brokers and first-time homebuyers time and money as they navigate the difficult application process.
  • Team members:

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