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Chris Metcalf

1013 days ago
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Chris M Event Results
Thank you everybody for an awesome event, we had a great time and the outcomes were incredible!
If you haven't read it yet, we got written up in GeekWire!
  • Winners
Chris M
  •  Photos borrowed from GeekWire, hopefully they don't mind. :)
First Place: "Make the Smart Move" by SpaceLab
The application allows the user to enter a series of locations, along with how often they visit each of them. For most people, work will be the most frequent one. However, people have more complex needs. A user may be taking care of an elderly loved one, participating in an education program, or doing volunteer work or community services. By allowing an arbitrary number of locations, we get a more nuanced picture of the user's lifestyle.
The app then computes a polygon based on those locations representing the optimal area where that user could live to be close to their commitments. There are placeholders to gather more information about government programs they may qualify for and their income, and to use these factors to make suggestions of available assistance programs.
Second Place: "Push to Rent"
  • @ksadasivam - Full Stack Engineer, hacker, works @Microsoft
  • @nparashuram - developer, serial hacker, midnight dog walker
  • @HVerespej - Full Stack Engineer, Growth Hacker @MadronaVentures, Former @Microsoft
  • @jonathangags - Biz Dev Entrepreneur, AdTech Accounts Lead, Startup Aficionado, former Mortgage Consultant @Bank of America
Push to Rent is an application that gives renters at the lowest income levels to be able to apply for and find housing in one easy to use environment.
Renters simply go to the Push to Rent Desktop or Mobile Website and create an account which also serves as the only application they need to complete. In one place, renters input their applicant information such as Name, Email, Phone Number, Address, Social Security Number, Monthly Income, Name of Employer; all the information needed when applying for a rental property. This information is immediately verified through credit checks, background checks, and employment verification, and Push to Rent provides a list of rental properties which fit the needs of the prospective tenants.
Through an algorithm, we are able to establish a ranking of best properties, color coating by green, yellow, and red, and in addition having a number score. This score takes into account public housing qualifications, Section 8 Voucher qualifications, ability to pay, proximity to employment, and transportation need.
Third Place: "Zillow Wheeler" by Cellphane
Wheeler brings wheelchair accessibility information forward. It's a version of Zillow optimized for the needs of people who use wheelchairs to get around. As it grows, Wheeler will push property owners to talk openly about compliance to ADA standards.
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1013 days ago
1015 days ago
Unfiled. Edited by David Puerto , Saba Kawas , Aaron Rose , Aaron Yip , Chris Metcalf 1015 days ago
David P Team #007: SpaceLab - FOREVER
  • Our goal: To empower prospective homeowners to make informed decisions and qualify for a place to rest their heads, that is truly affordable, near their where they spend the majority of their time.
Chris M
  • Our team members:
  • Tim Lebel - README.md author and all-around awesome guy.
David P
  • Jake Grajewski - Massive chest stamp.
  • David Puerto - Homeowner since 2008.
Team #1: Team Ghengis Kang
  • Our goal is to help first-time home buyers, low-income renters, and to search for available properties according to their individualistic criteria.
  • Our team members:
  • Mengqian Liu
  • Jiaming Liu
Aaron Y Team #3 Roominnate 
  • Our goal: Help all the other awesome housing platforms via sharing an aggregated score of how perfectly a potential home suits an individual's needs 
Saba K
  • Our team members:
Aaron Y
  • Aaron Yip: moves fast, breaks things, ahh, it wasn't me! 
  • Sally Huang: supporting remotely with awesome ideas
Saba K  Team #13:  Apolis Team
  • Our goal: make it easier for folks to search for thriving communities and neighborhoods
  • Our team members:
  • Shelly Farnham: Social data analytics /  Community tech
  • Saba Kawas: Design for social change / Info vis
  • Daniel Hernandez: Software engineer / Microsoft tech
  • Elizabeth Milburn: Designing school sites / Low impact
  • Jim Bilbao: Business Dev, Real estate / Workforce analytics

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